Top 2 Superusers for November 2020


Top 2 Superusers for November 2020

Hi there guys!


We are now reaching the end of 2020, i am not sure you guys are aware of it of not. What a year, right?

No matter what happened, i really hope you guys are always in a good health.


Withour further ado, let me announce the Top 2 Superusers for the month of November 2020.


This particular Superusers are really helpful and recognized by others, and for those who did not made it this month please do not worry, the chances are always open Smiley Happy


Top 2 Superusers November 2020

1. @al-walid99 

2. @ojsec 


That is it guys, lets make a comeback for December 2020, couple more days to go!


See you guys!