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Top 5 Superusers for April 2021


Top 5 Superusers for April 2021

Hi there guys!


In conjunction of PKP 3.0, i reckon there will be a lot more new members will hit community. Thank God i have you guys to helping them whenever i am not around.


And for that, you guys have my respect and gratitude. You guys are awesome!


And for the month of July, i present to you guys our Top 5 Superusers!


1. @ojsec 

2. @CathanKing610 

3. @dammon23 

4. @Loh123 

5. @al-walid99 


There you have it guys. Please keep on helping other members and maybe you guys can inspire more of them to step up their game and becoming new Superusers!


The more the merrier!


See you guys next time and thank you@

Upholding Citizen ✪✪✪

Re: Top 5 Superusers for April 2021

Thank you admin.