Top 5 Superusers for June 2020


Top 5 Superusers for June 2020

Hey guys!


Sorry about the delay in announcing June's Superusers. And have you heard about our first community contest? Yes be a July superusers and you will get a treat, a hundred ringgit worth of treat Smiley Happy


So without further ado, lets see who get in the list for June 2020.




1. @dammon23 

2. @al-walid99 

3. @Charlize 

4. @Loh123 

5. @YUNG 


Congratulations guys, you have made it for June 2020. And please dont be sad because the contest doesnt started on June, it just we need to finalize everything before announce the contest.


If you keep it up im sure you guys will be on July's list as well.


So keep on posting, helping and sharing your thoughts. i will be watching you Smiley Happy


See you guys!



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Re: Top 5 Superusers for June 2020

Hahaha..thankz a lot min. Cuma bantu membantu rakan2.😁😁😁