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Did TM blocked access to Uplay by Ubisoft?


Did TM blocked access to Uplay by Ubisoft?

Hi there guys.


This issue exploded last week i think, because some of the gamers (mostly who play online Ubisoft games like Ghost Recon title, Far Cry title, and maybe The Crew 2 ) suddenly cannot access the Uplay.


Those angry gamers (yeah im with you guys) come swarming unifi's socmed asked for a reason. I mean, what do gamers do right? We need those game.


But apparently, unifi or TM does not block the access to Uplay or any games server so far. Same with Rockstar's Social Club, which needed to play GTA Online.




So gamers sekalian, let them solved this ASAP. And in a meantime, maybe we all can play PUBG Mobile maybe?LOL.


You all can follow the updates of this issues via unifi twitter --> unifi twitter 

Do not forget to follow.


p/s : I have tried to access Social Club using VPN, and it looks like we can access it using that. Tricky, but worth it.

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Re: Did TM blocked access to Uplay by Ubisoft?

In our region,  TM not blocked access of Uplay by Ubisoft.  It is blocked in your area?     You can go here tm speed test and check the access.