Lesson Never Learn

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Lesson Never Learn

These unifi mod and staff never learn and never improve and never listen. Whenever customer complaint internet slow, they ask customer to check their phone, restart phone, activate airplane mode on and off , clear cache and other nonsense suggestions.  Always looking at easy answer while milking customer's money and time. While I am writing this, my internet is H+ with 2 bar. Thanks to MCO I have time for this bs. I never expect how pathethic my life would be after subscribe with unifi mobile.  Now I officially use this community as my diary until my contract expire in 12 months unless the mod here want to pay for my termination fee.

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Re: Lesson Never Learn

Same goes to me man. I go for every possible channel, live chat haram langsung tak jawab. Call sejam tunggu takde siapa took the call. When I complain here, senang je jawab 'your area takde LTE'. But you promote on your ads like your service covers all area! Bullstar. We stuck in this MCO, trying our best to stay at home, to work from home, takyah cerita nak tengok netflix bagai la, Whatsapp messages nak masuk pun susah! I ported out from my previous provider in which I've used for more than 5 years, this is the biggest regret I had in 2020, and it's only April man.