Replacement of Huawei ONU modem, but was charged for RM300 STB replacement - Ridiculous billing!

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Replacement of Huawei ONU modem, but was charged for RM300 STB replacement - Ridiculous billing!

Dear All, 


I am having an issue with TMpoint billing and wrongly charged for equipment that has been replaced. I was charged for the replacement of STB instead of the Huawei ONU model, which should be F.O.C from UNIFI. 


Earlier this month (1st May 2021), my 4 years old UNIFI modem stopped working. I contacted the UNIFI chat agent to raise this issue and get this fix as soonest as possible. 


UNIFI technician called me the next day for an appointment to replace the UNIFI Huawei ONU modem. When the technician arrived, he just proceeds with the replacement of the Huawei ONU modem.


I was informed by the technician that I don’t need to pay for the replacement Huawei ONU modem, it will F.O.C from UNIFI, no service charges incurred for the replacement job.


Yesterday, I received both SMS and email notification from UNIFI that my current account had arrears of RM518.35 and it had exceeded the credit limit of RM500.


I was totally shocked, my monthly UNIFI bill was consistently RM147.35 and I had set up auto-billing for my UNIFI bill.


I contacted the UNIFI chat agent and highlighted the arrears that occur in my account. I told the agent that the Huawei ONU modem was replaced in April. She did a check on my account and concluded that the bill for May had not close yet, it could be a billing mistake. She told me to check again a few more days after the bill is closed. 


Today, while I was in the middle of my work, the connection just cut off. I did some troubleshooting on the modem and my router, everything looks normal. Restart both modem and router twice, failed to bring back my connection. 


I contacted the chat agent again using my mobile connectivity. The agent told me that I had arrears of Rm518.35 and I need to clear the payment before they can restore the connection. 


I explain to the agent what I had told the support a day before on the situation and I need my connection back. 


The chat agent asked me a few questions thru the chat system:

  • Did you replace any equipment in May? Yes - It was the Huawei ONU modem.
  • Did the technician inform you about the RM50 service charges? Nope, I was not brief about the charges incurred.
  • Did you replace the Set-Top Box for Unifi TV? Nope, I only request to replace the Huawei ONU modem that obviously kaput.


After investigation, the chat agent informed me that she will raise the dispute in the system, restore my connection in 2 hours’ time. The charge will be reflected in the next 2 months. 


I asked the agent if there is anything that I need to do from my end after I lodge this? She told me, no and I will receive an SMS / Notification about the case number.  


Once I got my connection restored, I log in to my UNIFI account and I was shocked to see this reflected on my May bill:

  • On-site support charge - RM50 - I am ready to pay this as I understand that the effort that the technician have to come to my premises on weekend to sort thing out. 
  • UnifiTV Set-Top Box replacement charge - RM300 - This is ridiculous and it is not right, I am changing the Huawei ONU modem but was billed for STB replacement!


I have no confidence that I will get my wrongly billed RM300 + service tax back.


I wanted to visit TMpoint to further sort this out, but due to the current MCO condition, I prefer to find another way to sort this.


I was advised to lodge a complaint of poor billing with MCMC?


Any advice on how can I sort this out in a better and effective way?


Thank you.

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Re: Replacement of Huawei ONU modem, but was charged for RM300 STB replacement - Ridiculous billing!

Having the same problem 


how to solve this