Samsung Unveil Its Foldable Phone — The Galaxy Fold

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Samsung Unveil Its Foldable Phone — The Galaxy Fold

Samsung has just recently announced their latest device, showcasing Samsung 10, 10+ and brand new Samsung Galaxy FOLD, a foldable device that functions as a cross between a smartphone and a tablet.




Here are some of the fact about Samsung Galaxy Fold


  • The device features a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display, which can fold down to a 4.6-inch configuration capable of fitting into a pocket.
  • When fully unfolded, the Galaxy Fold is capable of running three apps simultaneously on its main display, including mainstays such as YouTube and Microsoft Office. The apps while remaining functional even if the user decides to fold or unfold the phone while using them.
  • The Galaxy Fold has six cameras – three on the back, two on the inside and one on its front. The device has 12 GB of RAM capable of “PC-like performance,” 512 GB of storage, wireless charging capabilities and a fingerprint scanner that unlocks only for its owner.
  • Galaxy Fold will be available in four colours – space silver, cosmos black, Martian green and Astro Blue.
  • The base model of the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs USD 1,980, making it one of the most expensive smartphones on the market today. Models with additional features will carry an even steeper price tag.


The Galaxy Fold is expected to hit stores on April 26 (release for Malaysia - to be confirmed)


You can watch the video below just to get the idea about this device.  





Re: Samsung Unveil Its Foldable Phone — The Galaxy Fold

might be more pricey than iphone xs

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Re: Samsung Unveil Its Foldable Phone — The Galaxy Fold

@remstr, it's definitely pricey for sure....even Mac book is not as pricey as this