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Truly Liberated

Upholding Citizen ✪✪

Truly Liberated

My personal experience on webe mobile:-


When I was a Celcom to Maxis to Digi user, I had to switch to wifi all the time to ensure I do not hit the capped data. Mehh...Now I am on webe, I feel so liberated.


I play Spotify every day in the car while driving to work.

Folks have been abroad for over 2 months. I have been video calling them daily any time. 

I could play a movie in the car for my passenger to watch.

I don't have to switch to wifi

I don't have to ask anyone to share their data with me

I could watch movie on my mobile phone endlessly 

and the list goes on


I am a happy sbscriber and truly liberated data user. 


Thank you webe

Retired Sheriff

Re: Truly Liberated

play movie in the car? sure it's not for yourself to watch? Smiley Tongue

good sharing, I feel that too!

I'm Jon, I know nothing