UNIFI Acc Registration FAIL!!

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UNIFI Acc Registration FAIL!!

I was unable to create an account of my number since Thursday.  I need to cancel the auto-billing feature of my account. But I can't do anything till now, since the TM Point's staff told me that this only can be performed via online. The TAC message was received after it has expired.

To be honest, UNIFI.com.my online service is so bad and critical. Mostly none of the online service can be performed successfully, including the TAC Verification Code and LIVE CHAT.  Why it never detected by the TM's IT Support team?? Is that you guy have no backup plan for any of your services? Like what UNIFI expansion is dealing now? HAHA... MONOPOLY style of treating your customer is not the trend now okay~~

So what's now? Just leave unpaid? Can? LOL




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Re: UNIFI Acc Registration FAIL!!

Are you referring to mobile postpaid or bebasplan or home fibre/streamyx?


Re: UNIFI Acc Registration FAIL!!

Cool! You can also try care@unifi app to proceed with online payment. It's available now for Android & iOS Users. Or u can get assistance from TM Live Chat at unifi.com.my for TAC verification code issue.