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Greetings fellow Users. Unifi has come out with yet another new plan of 300Mbps with a price tag of RM199 and yet Im here sitting at RM170/month for 8Mbps. Not 800Mpbs, but 8. Theres a Unifi White Box available 7 poles away from me but yet I get told by the TMPoint Staff "Sorry sir, we can't do anything". I have been a loyal TM Customer since 2006 but instead of trying to reach loyal customers, they just alienate people like me and go on to provide more for newer customers, absolute jack for old. Of course, theres nothing wrong with trying to attain more customers, but why ignore us? I am not in a remote area either, I am quite literally in the middle of Kangar. (No 30 Lorong Anggerik RPA 102, 01000 Kangar,Perlis ). Received no gratitude nor appreciation towards my monthly funding to get internet access. Yes, it's not a major city, yes, it's not greatly populated nor popular, but atleast show some decency towards your old timers. Every year, promise after promise, but still  nothing to show for. I hope for an upgrade to Unifi in the near future.

- Sincerely your 13th Year Customer.

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Re: When?

it'll take a while for the sufficient infrastructure to reach places in Perlis...needed some time for that I guess