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Why you should use Boost e-wallet!


Why you should use Boost e-wallet!

Hi guys.


Today i want to share with you one thing that will make your life easier. This is not a paid advertisement okay, i just want to share je.


Lets go!


Reasons why you should use

Boost e-wallet.


But before that, let me talk about what is e-wallet. Cited from Wikipedia, e-wallet refers to an electronic device or online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions.


It means that with this device/services, you do not need to bring and pay using a physical money. As long as you got some money in the bank, you are good to go. Got it? Good.


Lets move to the reasons you should use Boost e-wallet!


1. Malaysian made.

Yes, Boost is Malaysian's homegrown app, and a very good one. It can compete toe to toe with other big brand e-wallet, with reportedly 3.5 million customers!


Pretty good huh?


2. Easy to top up!

With 17 bank's partner, its so easy to top up. What bank? To name a few, Maybank, CIMB, RHB Bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, and many more. So you dont have to worries when your e-wallet needs a recharging Smiley Happy


3. It is widely accepted

Yes, Boost claimed that they got over 100,000 touchpoints covering both online and physical stores. If you ask me, that 100k is a lot. And from personal experience, yes i can say that lots of merchant now accepting Boost.  Like when i went to The Basikal @ Bangsar , ( yes the one with stairs) they accepted Boost! Crazy right?


4. Rewards!!

If you are Boost user then im sure you are familiar with this. There are lot of rewards, cashbacks, vouchers and promos for you. You just need to use it, and you will get the rewards. And also, you can send gifts to your loved one!


5. Free money transfer

Boost claimed that you can send money to anyone, across any mobile network using Boost. And to make it more interesting, there are NO interbank charges!


6. Top up and pay bills

For prepaid users, everytime you top ups, you will get instant cashback (shake your phone!). And for unifi users, you can use Boost to pay your bills for unifi home and unifi mobile postpaid (starting 16th October 19) too!


There you have it guys. You can download Boost trough your preffered App store ya. Once again, this is my personal thoughts only so chill and relax ya Smiley Happy




Re: Why you should use Boost e-wallet!

Psst guys,


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Re: Why you should use Boost e-wallet!

Kalau nak bayar bill unifi mobile dah boleh start harini la kan. mudahh!