missing unit

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missing unit

Need urgent sign up for business unifi but unfortunely missing unit. How we wanna run business is new warehouse without internet? Have log in case to unifi but just put us on demand list. Ask Unifi to give us a date or deadline when to add unit/add port for us, they just mentioned tunggu TM akan call tak tahu bila. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years? I hope TM will take a quick action on this. Any upgraded plan will do for us. Hope TM/unifi will consider their action plan on this.


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They are right you know, the frontliners dont know when the project will happens. What they need to do is to capture the demand and put it on the list.


I can help you to ask for related team, but from my experience it will took some time for them to respond to my request. If you are okay with that then please share with me your exact latlong, address, your name and phone number, all via private message.