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Fraud Case P1

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Fraud Case P1

Please top calling my parents, as this is fraud case, please expedite the case.


This is fraud case under P1, unifi.


Previously I received call and message from many different of numbers asking me to pay for this P1, but i never sign up any package or anything either P1 or unifi. So I went to unifi service center, call and live chat to check but they inform me that there is no registration under my name, then if fine, I though I would be kind of spam, but after awhile they call and messages again.


So I contacted unifi again and I found out that for normal unifi staff they don’t have the access to check on P1 account, that why they keeping telling me that, no registration under my name but I’m keep on receiving call and message. Then I seek for higher management to assist me on this matter. I have done police report, commissions o get oath and submit all the requirements documentation needed. But they still keep calling, I feel that this is very insulting me. 


They make the false statement mentions I was the person who sign and I need to pay. Why I refuse to pay while I used the services. They wanna to take legal action against me, blacklist me and Ctos and etc.


Once again, I would like to made myself clear, I never sign up anything with P1 or unifi. I don’t know how they do, what they do, how P1 or unifi can be approve the application and provide the service. There no only one account, there are total of 3 accounts.


*The worse part, they even call my parents, can you imagine that?*


Please expedite on this case and stop insulting my parents.



Re: Fraud Case P1

Hi there @CarinaYoung ,


Can you please share with me your details via private message. Also if you got the number that have been calling, that also would be great.