How to upload a photo in a post?

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How to upload a photo in a post?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Best if we get to upload a picture in the post to make the reading experience more pleasant.

It's easy how to upload the picture into your post.

1) Firstly, you just need to start creating the post by clicking on Start a Topic at any boards of your choice.


start topic.JPG


2) Look out for the button Photos 

how to upload photo.jpg






3) It'll pop out a box, giving you choices to upload your photos by dragging photos over to the box or click on choose files to manually select your photos from your folders.


how to upload photo 2.jpg


4) Once you upload a photo, the right side menu will pop out selection for you to choose your size and position on how you would like your picture to be placed in your post. Under Format, you get to see a preview of how the image will be placed.


how to upload photo 3.JPG


5) Once you have made your choice, click Done.


how to upload photo 4.jpg
















6) Once you have all the content and the pictures up and ready to post, just click Post.



Hope you will find this helpful and make your post more interesting.


p/ s: the feature is only available for community users who are at rank Contribution Citizen with 2 stars and above. Please also read up what you can do and can't do when posting a content with a picture.


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