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UDM Pro Lan Cannot Ping Vlan

New-in-Town ✪

UDM Pro Lan Cannot Ping Vlan

Setting up a new UDM Pro and finally trying to get IoT and NoT to work properly, I've watched the HookUp Videos and setup 2 wired devices 1 on Lan and 1 on IoT. I would like for the Lan devices to be able to ping IoT but IoT not to be able to see LAN devices. 

If I put both devices on LAN they can ping each other, if 1 device is on IoT than neither can Ping. All firewall rules are off currently. Am I missing something or do I need a firewall rule to allow Lan to IoT?


Re: UDM Pro Lan Cannot Ping Vlan

Hi there @mike2246 ,


I got no info on this. have you reached your UDM pro support team? I am sure that kind of hardware comes with support.