Come and be our Superuser!


Come and be our Superuser!

Hello awesome people!


This is an official invitation for you guys. We would like to invite anyone reading this now to come and join our VIP list of Superuser! Sound great, right? This is your opportunity to become recognized throughout the unifi Community members which is growing in numbers by the way.


How to be our Superusers?

It is very easy. Just be an active member and help each other especially the new members in this community.


You’re free to create articles, share your stories & experiences and help others if they are looking for assistance on any matter. Join in the conversation, give a kudos if you find the post is interesting or helpful, and provide others with suggestions and solutions that you can think of.


How are Superusers selected?

unifi Community select Superusers based on their demonstrated behaviour in the community. Which behaviours are most valued in our group? There isn’t a single ranking formula, but we look at:       

  • Quantity and quality of posts
  • Accepted Solutions, as determined by the members who ask questions in the forums
  • “Likes” received on posts, indicating helpful or interesting posts
  • Leader that create positive environment and consistently add value into community

In addition, we would add more special requirements from time to time to make it more interesting and more competitive yet fun! So please stay tune for this space.

We will select the top superuser who contributed the most in helping other members, it is just that simple and posts will be monitored for validity.


So what are you waiting for? Start helping members now and claim the Superuser title!