Error Code 0087 payment with Maybank2u!


Error Code 0087 payment with Maybank2u!

Hi there,


There are reported an error happened when using Maybank2u to pay unifi home/streamyx/telephone bills. Customer will get this error;


Status : Unsuccessful - Invalid Bill account/reference number. Reject code : [0087]


If you also get this error then do not panic. You can change the payment method by using JomPay instead.

Login to your Maybank2u as usual but select JomPay.


You just need to remember your account number and biller code.

Ref 1 = Account number

TM Biller Code

  •          TM UNIFI:  8888
  •          TM STREAMYX & VOICE: 2345

Thats it guys. Just share if you are having any difficulties and we will help you.