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Extension of TM Rewards Blackout Period


Extension of TM Rewards Blackout Period

Hello unifi customers,


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Our website is still down for maintenance and upgrades, but TM Rewards will be return on 1 October 2019.


Thank you for your patience.  


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Re: Extension of TM Rewards Blackout Period



How long is the blackout?

The blackout will be extended until 1 October 2019. 


I thought the blackout is until 12 September 2019 only. Why extended?

We need more time for the system enhancement as we aspire to deliver a more converged digital experience to all of our customers.


What will happen during the blackout period?

Same as before, TM Rewards portal will be inaccessible. Customers will not able to login to rewards portal or check Rewards points during the period.


TM Rewards redemption activities will be disabled during that period.


Can I check/ redeem my Rewards points during the blackout period?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to access the portal to check and redeem your rewards points. This is applicable for all redemption channels including via unifi portal and TMpoint redemption counters.


But don’t worry, your accumulated points will be automatically transferred to the new rewards system, i.e. unifi rewards. Existing TM Rewards customers do not need to perform re-registration for unifi rewards, however they are encouraged to register/login to unifi self-care portal to access their unifi rewards account.


What will happen if my points expired during blackout period?

Points will be auto-reinstated to those affected customer whose points expired during the blackout.


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