FAQ on myunifi app


FAQ on myunifi app

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For new myunifi app, please read this FAQ below ya.


What is myunifi app?      

myunifi app is an app for our unifi customers that consolidates all their unifi services. You can subscribe to unifi services and manage them

all in one app.

What can I do with myunifi app?

With myunifi app, you can enjoy:



  • Easy subscription of unifi services
  • Schedule your installation appointment
  • Track your installation progress

Account Management


  • Hassle free payment for all your unifi bills
  • Track your usage and upgrade your unifi plans


  • Reach out and interact with  unifi community
  • Live Chat with our friendly agents
  • Read tips on self-trouble shooting guide

Loyalty & Rewards

  • Earn rewards point for every Ringgit you spend and use them to redeem awesome deals

Do I need to pay to use myunifi app?

The myunifi app is free for everyone and available for download via Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Do I need to register to use myunifi app?

Yes! We encourage you to register to enjoy the features via a protected profile with your personal information, giving you a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.


This will also allow us to identify and link you to your unifi accounts.


However, with just guest mode, you still can browse through our latest unifi offerings.


I have previously registered with care@unifi app. Can I use the same username and password to login?

Yes! If you have previously registered with care@unifi app, you can still use your registered username/email address to login. However, the app will prompt you to change your password before you continue using the new myunifi app

Help! I can’t login to myunifi app. What should I do?


If you can’t login to the app, the probabilities are:

  • You have not created an account
  • You have not validated your account
  • You have entered an incorrect email / password

If you still face difficulties logging in, please reach out to us via the “Support” button.

I cannot view my unifi accounts in the app. Why?

If you can’t view your account(s), the probabilities are:

  • You are browsing myunifi app via the guest profile.
  • You have not registered or validate your myunifi app profile
  • You have entered an invalid service number tied to your unifi account

If you have done all of the above yet still unable to view your unifi accounts, please reach out to us via the “Support” button.

Do I need to login each time I launch the app?

No, you will be automatically logged in the next time you launch the app. However, if you choose to sign out, you will need to sign in back again.

Can I view and download my unifi bills from myunifi app?

Yes, you can view and download the latest six (6) months bill from the app.

How do I make payment to my unifi bills via the app?

From the myunifi app home screen, choose “Pay Bills” to view the outstanding amount for your unifi accounts.


Select your unifi account to view the payment details (bill summary, PDF bill).


Proceed for payment via credit / debit card or FPX.

The outstanding amount reflected in my myunifi app is incorrect. What should I do?

If you have recently made payment for your unifi bills, please allow 24 hours for the system to reflect your payment.


If you still have an incorrect outstanding amount reflected in your account beyond 24 hours, please reach out to us via the “Support” button.


Note: Please refresh the app if you get “NA” reflected as your outstanding amount.

Why can’t I make payment?

There are various reasons why you might not be able to make payment:

  • You don’t have any outstanding amount
  • You are using a credit card issued by an overseas financial institution
  • You have insufficient balance in your bank account
  • The payment feature on the app maybe temporarily offline due to upgrading or system update.


If you still face difficulties making payment, please reach out to us via the “Support” button.

What are the version of platform that the app support?

Android : Jelly (4.1.x) up to Oreo (8.1.0)


iOS: Version 10 and above

How do I update my billing contact details?

From the home screen, choose “Account” to edit your billing contact details.


Please allow 15 minutes for system to reflect the changes made on the billing contact details made on the app.

How do I track and monitor my activities?

From the home screen, choose “Account” and select the account you would like to view.

You can view the latest 90 days activity from the “Activity” tab.

I need to reach out for support via myunifi app. Can you guide me how?

From the home screen, choose “Support”, then select your preferred unifi service.


Type in your questions to reach out to our growing unifi community.


You can also access unifi community, read on tips for self-troubleshooting guide, follow unifi social media accounts, Live Chat with our friendly agents and locate the nearest TMpoint.

How do I view and redeem my rewards?

From the home screen, choose “Rewards”, then tap on “My Rewards” to view your saved deals.


Once you tap on the desired deals, simply tap to copy the promo code to use it during check out.

How can I view push notification messages? And what will be notified to me?

From the home screen, tap on the bell icon located at the top right corner.


You can view all push notification messages which include billing, promo, report order etc.)

Who should I contact if I can’t contact you through the app?

Easy, feel free to reach us via our digital channels such as:

You can also visit any of the TMpoint outlets nationwide for further assistance.



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