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FAQ on unifi Lite for New Customer


FAQ on unifi Lite for New Customer

1. What is unifi’s latest offering for customers who reside outside of fibre and LTE coverage areas?

  • #khabarbaik for customers who reside outside of TM’s fibre and LTE coverage areas: you can subscribe to the new unifi Lite plan from now till 30 September 2019 and enjoy a limited time offer monthly subscription of RM69/month! So hurry, don’t miss the opportunity!
  • unifi Lite comes with the speed of up to 8Mbps, and the best attainable speed is based on the current capability of the infra at your area.
  • Customers who subscribe from 1 October 2019 onwards, will be paying RM89/month for the plan.
  • Moving forward, there will only be one (1) plan to cater for customers at ADSL and SUBB areas – unifi Lite that offers speed of up to 8Mbps with unlimited data.

2. Can you tell me more about the unifi Lite package?

With unifi Lite, you can enjoy basic Internet experience with the below offerings:




3. I’m interested! How do I subscribe to your unifi Lite package?

  • You can subscribe at the nearest TMpoint, TM Authorised Dealer (TAD) and
    resllers nationwide.
  • This promotion is not available at our portal


4. What are the Add-Ons available to customers of unifi Lite?

You may choose the relevant Add-Ons below to boost your Internet experience.






Re: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on unifi Lite for New Customer

5. Where can I pay my unifi Lite bill?

  • The easiest way to manage your account is to download myunifi app from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. With myunifi app, you may view your latest bill, make payment, and contact us anytime anywhere.
  • For hassle-free payment transactions, it is highly recommended that you subscribe to our TM Autopay service.
  • Alternatively, you can pay your bill through the below channels:
    - unifi portal at
    - TMpoint or TMpoint Authorised Dealer (TAD) outlets nationwide
    - Participating online banking channels
    - POS Malaysia outlets
  • For the full list of our authorised bill payment channels, click here.


6. What is the contract period for unifi Lite and its Add-Ons? Is there any penalty imposed if I terminate the services within the contract period?

  • Kindly refer to the below table on the contract period and the penalty charges for early termination:



  • For termination request, kindly ensure there is no outstanding balance in your account. For more information, please refer to your service Terms & Conditions.
  • You can now request for termination by logging into your Self-care account at, or visit any TMpoint outlets nationwide.


7. Can I have more than one (1) unifi Lite connection at my premise?

  • Yes, you can. However, you will need to ensure that you have extra telephone lines as each broadband connection requires a dedicated telephone line.
  • There is a quota per customer and/or address, kindly refer below for our policy.
    - Maximum three (3) service subscription per customer.
    - Maximum one (1) service per installed address per customer.
    - Maximum one (1) customer per installed address.
    - Therefore, maximum one (1) service per installed address (different
    - Subscription of additional products at a different address is not allowed
       if the previous order is still pending or incomplete.

8. Do I need to purchase a modem?

That is not necessary; a DSL modem is included in the unifi Lite package. We would highly encourage you to use modems provided by TM to enjoy the maximum service experience.


*Note: The warranty period for the modem is one (1) year. Terms and conditions





Re: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on unifi Lite for New Customer

9. Do I need an additional wiring to be installed at my house/office?

Your home Broadband connection will be installed close to where your telephone line ends. If additional wiring is required, you can add from where the phone line ends at your own cost.


10. How do I check the unifi Lite availability in my area?

  • You can check the broadband service availability in your area via the
    following channels:
    - Online at
    - Live Chat via our myunifi app or
    - Facebook at
    - Twitter at @helpmeunifi
  • You may also visit us at any of our TMpoint outlets nationwide.

11. Will I enjoy fast speed at all times? 

Our broadband download and upload speed varies depending on the following factors as below:
- Location of website’s server provider - user may experience slow response from international websites.
- Capacity of visited web server - some web servers unable to cope with huge traffic demand from users. In addition, some sites restrict download speed of their users to ensure fair level of service among them.
- Network congestion - high level of traffic at peak times may cause some slowdown.
- Running other application simultaneously - using other applications (eg. P2P) at the same time can downgrade the download performance.


12. Do I need to pay any upfront payment?

  • There is no upfront payment applicable for Malaysians.
  • For non-Malaysians, you are required to pay an upfront payment of RM500.

13. Who should I contact if I need any assistance or have any inquiry?

  •  Easy, you can contact us via TM’s digital channels such as:
    - Live Chat via myunifi app
    - unifi self-help portal at
    - Facebook at
    - Twitter at @helpmeunifi
  • Should you require a face-to-face interaction, you may visit us at any of the TMpoint outlets nationwide.



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Re: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on unifi Lite for New Customer

Wow! So interesting. May also refer to

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on unifi Lite for New Customer

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Re: FAQ on unifi Lite for New Customer

I wonder if we can PUSH TM to increase upload speed up to 2 or 3 Mbps. It is ridiculous the upload speed capped at 512 kbp/s