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Implementation of 6% SST


Implementation of 6% SST

Dear valued customers, 
Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to inform that in accordance with the implementation of Service Tax Act 2018, beginning 1st September 2018, the 6% Service Tax (ST) charges will appear in customers’ bill starting 1 September 2018, according to their accounts’ respective bill cycle.
Should you require further clarification, please contact us through care@unifi app, live chat at , Facebook (@weareunifi / @unifimobile​) and Twitter (@helpmeunifi​). For business customers, you can also contact your respective account executive for further clarification.
Thank you.


Re: Implementation of 6% SST

So, what is SST?

  • SST consists of Sales Tax Act 2018 and Service Tax Act 2018.
  • Manufacturers are licensed for Sales Tax while Traders/Service Providers are licensed for Service Tax upon reaching the prescribed threshold.

Nice. What is the rate for Sales Tax and Service Tax?

  • Sales Tax is charged on taxable goods that are manufactured in or imported into Malaysia and the rate of tax is either exempted, 5%, 10% or a specified rate.
  • Service Tax is on taxable services by a taxable person and the rate of tax is 6% .

I still dont understand. Where can i find out more about this?

  • You can read the official announcement here or
  • Official SST page here

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Re: Implementation of 6% SST


How to understand bill with ST charges.

Starting on 1st September, the 6% Service Tax (ST) implementation has started and many of you are concerned of the charge in your October bill.

If you look at your bill, under the Current Charge column, the ST is the normal 6% charge of your monthly amount



Under the Previous Charge column, the ST charge is the amount that was carried forward from your August bill.




For example, if your Bill Date is 16th August, the billing period is overlapped between 16th August – 15th September, in which we will charge ST only from 1st September until the 15th September, based on prorated calculation.


 bill 3.jpg

Hope this helps Smiley Happy


Re: How to understand bill with ST charges.

Wow! Good info & really help. Thx for sharing. Cool!