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Introducing unifi EasyFix!


Introducing unifi EasyFix!

Hey guys.


Just for fun, when you had a problem with your unifi services,  what do you do?


Option A : hit Livechat

Option B : hit the Community

Option C : tweet Mr Gobind je!

Option D : All of above.


Did you know that before you did all of above, you can self-diagnose the problem firsthand. I'm not talking about simple ON/OFF ya.


I'm talking about the new mechanisme that TM come up with, unifi EasyFix!




So, what is unifi EasyFix? How it can help me?

To sum it up, EasyFix is a new convergence app that allows unifi, unite Lite (Streamyx) & voice customers to self-diagnose and troubleshoot Internet connection, speed, Wi-Fi, telephony and IPTV.


EasyFix will help customers to identify and resolve their issues before contacting TM.


Interesting, right?

To access unifi EasyFix, you can choose any medium as below,


1. Access from myunifi app.

Main menu>Support>Self Troubleshooting Guide (will be renamed to EasyFix)


2. Browse from direct link


Thats it guys. Next time when you are facing any kind of problem, lets give it atry first OK?


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