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Jasa Pack for Warga Emas & OKU


Jasa Pack for Warga Emas & OKU

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#Khabarbaik guys,


Now Warga Emas (Senior citizen) and OKU can apply for Jasa Pack. It's a great news, so lets spread the words guys.


For warga emas, the applicant must be 60 years old and above upon registration i.e retired TM Staff, retired Government Staff or Senior Citizen.


And for OKU, the applicant must be registered with the Social Welfare Department under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and possess their own identification card (OKU ID).


Where to subscribe this?


No worries, just walk in to your nearest TMpoint, TAD or TM Reseller. Just bring your MyCard and OKU card, easy.

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Re: Jasa Pack for Warga Emas & OKU

And also, you can choose to maintain your number. Please make sure that you are not blacklisted and free from any contract (telco) ya.


You may register for only 1 line per IC/ID for this offer.

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