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Lead your business a step further with your new unifi Biz!


Lead your business a step further with your new unifi Biz!





Re: Lead your business a step further with your new unifi Biz!

What is the campaign all about?

·         This campaign is to welcome customers to their new services and providing them with more details to familiarize with the product

Who will receive this EDM?

·         All NI unifi & preunifi customer who has valid email address

What is wifi@unifi?

·         wifi@unifi is a service provided by TM which offers wifi service to the public. Starting 16th September 2017, all users regardless of TM or Non-TM customers can enjoy public wifi at

Do I need to pay to use the wifi@unifi service?

·         Yes, it is chargeable at only 10 sen/hour. However, the fees are currently waived until further notice.

Where can I enjoy this free wifi@unifi connection?

·         You can enjoy wifi@unifi connection at all our 12,000 wifi@unifi hotspots nationwide. Our wifi locator app, i-foundit! will be able to show you the available wifi@unifi coverage locations for you to enjoy. You can download the i-foundit! app from Google Playstore or AppStore.

Do I need to register to use wifi@unifi?

·         Yes, you will need to obtain a wifi ID and password from the i-foundit! app before you are able to enjoy wifi@unifi.

Who is eligible to use wifi@unifi?

·         All users, Malaysians & Non-Malaysians.

Can I use wifi@unifi even though I am not a Unifi customer?

·         Yes, you can. This service can be enjoyed by everyone including non-Unifi customers.

** For further inquiry please refer to this website


What is TM Rewards?

·         TM Rewards is a customer loyalty programme by TM that was introduced in 2008 to recognise and reward our loyal customers with great offers and privileges.

·         Effective today, you will be rewarded with much more points for your support and loyalty towards TM’s products and services, through redemption points, which can be used to redeem for attractive gifts.

Am I eligible to earn the points?

·         The programme is open to all TM residential customers. For business customers, the membership is by invitation only.

I am already a TM Rewards member. Do I have to re-register?

·         Yes, you need to re-register to create a Membership Account in order for you to start earning your points.

Why am I not able to access the TM Rewards registration page and Member's portal?

·         Please check your browser version. TM Rewards can be best viewed with Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and above

How will I know my online registration is successful?

·         Upon successful registration, you will receive an acknowledgement email with instructions to activate your membership.

Is there any registration fee or monthly charges to become a member?

·         The membership is free of charge.

Do I get a membership card?

·         No membership card will be issued. A Membership Account together with its identification numbers i.e. an 8-digit Membership number and 16-digit Reward number, will be created where all awarded points will be recorded.

Do I need to renew my membership?

·         Membership is valid as long as you are a TM customer.

**For further inquiry please refer to this link