Penalty On Home Gadget Protection RM5000

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Penalty On Home Gadget Protection RM5000

I upgraded from Unify Lite to Unify 30Mbps. In my unify lite account I subscribe a Home Gadget Protection RM5000 before 2019 (cannot remember exact year). After upgrading, in my unify lite bill, TM charges penalty for amount of RM225. Why TM charging me? When I upgrade no one told me all subscription will automatically cancel, and TM do not have my confirmation and consent to cancel or not.  And I never made a claim.  I subscribe long before 2019, contract usually within 24 months right? Are they automatically renew every 2 years ? Please assist on this matter. 

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Re: Penalty On Home Gadget Protection RM5000

Hi, husniyah.
As I know, Home Gadget Protection HGP contract period is 12 months from the “HGP activation date”. If let say you subscribe Home Gadget Protection in 2019, the contract should have already expired. I suggest you to consult directly with customer service, either through Live Chat, call to 100 or directly to their social media channels for them to check further on your bill issue. You can refer to the link>