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Run your business anytime, anywhere!

Retired Sheriff

Run your business anytime, anywhere!

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Retired Sheriff

Run your business anytime, anywhere!



Who are eligible to sign up for unifi mobilebiz Plan?

All Malaysian businesses with valid documentations and other company details are welcome.


What documents do I need to bring during service registration at TMpoint?
Please refer below for the documents required for business applicants:
a) Photocopy of company director/authorized signatory's NRIC (both sides)/ Passport (for Non-Malaysians);
b) If you're an existing TM customer, please bring along your latest bill that is registered under your company name/Business Registration Number (BRN);
c) Company Authorized Letter for non-director authorized signatory;
d) Original or certified true copy of certified documents (whichever applies):


Business Applicants


Private Company

i)     Return for allotment of shares / Form 24

ii)    Notification of change in the Register of Members / Form 49

iii)  Users’ Registration / Form 9

iv)  Super Form for Single Director Ownership

Sole Proprietor

Form D & A


Form D & B

NGO / Association / Corporation / Embassy / Government

Documents issued by relevant authorities


Who from the company can subscribe to unifi mobilebiz plan?
Only the company’s authorized director can subscribe to unifi mobilebiz plan. However, you are allowed to appoint someone with an authorized letter to represent the company to subscribe for this plan.


How many lines can I subscribe?
With our unifi mobilebiz plan, there is no limit to the number of lines you can subscribe. The only difference is that depending on the number of lines requested, and the existing lines with unifi, the sign up process may be slightly different. If you would like to request or already have exceeded 10 mobilebiz lines, then your request will be handled by a SME sales consultant. Customers who do not require more than 10 mobilebiz lines, can simply walk into any TMpoint nationwide.