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#khabarbaik unifi 30Mbps unlimited quota


#khabarbaik unifi 30Mbps unlimited quota

Hi guys.


Its finally here. I know lots of you are waiting for this one.


Introducing, unifi 30Mbps (no quota)


I will put the FAQs below or you can head up to


Basically, what you will get is;

  • Download speed 30Mbps, Upload speed 10Mbps
  • No quota
  • voice RM0.20/minutes (dect phone are not included)
  • free access to unifi playTV app (14 free channels)


How to get this package? easy, just drop by your nearest TMpoint, TAD, or reseller to register.


Hope that helps Smiley Happy


Re: #khabarbaik unifi 30Mbps unlimited quota

FAQ for unifi Home 30Mbps

1. What is the latest promotion for unifi 30Mbps plan?
Khabarbaik! unifi 30Mbps plan now comes with unlimited quota with just RM89 per month!
unifi 30Mbps plan

  • RM89 / month
  • Download Speed: 30Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 10Mbps
  • Quota: unlimited
  • Voice 20sen/min
  • Free access to unifi playTV app with 14 free channels

Price shown is excluding 6% Service Tax (ST)
Price shown is perpetual

2. I’m interested! How do I subscribe to your unifi basic 30Mbps unlimited plan?
You can subscribe at the nearest TMpoint, TM Authorised Dealer (TAD), reseller nationwide.

3. Are there any extra benefits that I will receive with unifi 30Mbps plan?
If you subscribe within the month of September, you will get to enjoy 1 month waiver on your subscription fee.

Additionally, the plan comes with the below benefits:

  • Installation & activation WAIVED
  • wifi@unifi
  • UNLIMITED CPE  Wireless Router (RG) and BTU (Modem)

Wireless router is applicable to new installations only.

Telephone set can be purchased at any TMpoint outlets or any telephone shop.

4. I’m an existing unifi Basic customer, can I upgrade my plan to this unlimited plan?
Yes, you can! You may send us your request via live chat at or myunifi app.

5.  What is the contract period for unifi Home and its Add-Ons? Is there any penalty
imposed if I terminate the services within the contract period?

The contract period for unifi Home and its Add-Ons varies. Please refer to the
table below for more information:



Contract period

Penalty (If terminated within contract period)

unifi Home

24 Months

The remaining months of broadband monthly subscription fee (price before discount)

unifi TV Packs

12 Months

The remaining months of monthly

subscription fee of the unifi TV


Voice Pack 20



Voice IDD

1 month

1 month of subscription fee

Security and Surveillance

36 Months

Up to maximum 6 months

subscription fee

Home Gadget Protection

12 Months

The remaining months of monthly

subscription fee

Customer is required to settle all their outstanding bills prior to the termination
request. For more information, please refer to your service Terms & Conditions.
Customer can now request for termination by logging into their Self-care account at, or visit any TMpoint outlets nationwide.