unifi Lite with unifi Mobile


unifi Lite with unifi Mobile

Hi there guys,


I know that some of you are interested in unifi Lite, and also unifi Mobile. There are no bundle for unifi Lite with unifi Mobile, not until today.


Introducing, unifi Lite with unifi Mobile!




As you guys aware, unifi Lite right now is RM89, and unifi Mobile is RM99 without any promotion.

But with this bundle, you will get the promotional price (for both) at RM128 per month!


Before promotion price RM89 + RM99 = RM188

After promotion price RM69 + RM59 = RM128


Cool right? Please bear in mind that this promotional price is for only 24 months or 2 years, and after the contract ended your unifi Lite will be reverted back to RM89 while your unifi Mobile still will be priced at RM59 as long as you dont terminate the service.


So what else you will get if you register right now?


You will get 30 days trial period, and you will get double 10GB LTE hotspot for unifi Mobile too!

Also you can get Touch N Go reload voucher RM50 if you register online.


You can read more about the FAQ here