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Hi guys,


Special promo coming up for unifi mobile's #bebasplan. Check out the FAQs below:-





Can you tells us more about unifi Mobile #BEBAS Christmas Special Promo?

  • We’re happy to announce that in conjunction with Christmas & New Year, we’re offering a special #BEBAS2NJOY unlimited data pass add-on promotion for our #BEBAS customers.
  • You’ll be able to purchase our 30 days unlimited add-on LTE data pass at a promotional price of RM55 only!

When is the promotion period?

The promotion is valid for a limited time only from 24 December 2018 to 2 January 2019. So hurry, purchase your unlimited data pass now!


Who is eligible for this promotion?

All of you! ALL unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers are eligible to enjoy this Christmas & New Year Special #BEBAS2NJOY unlimited data pass add-on promo.


This is interesting! Tell me more about the promotion.

  • For every purchase of the Christmas Special #BEBAS2NJOY unlimited data pass add-on promo, you’ll enjoy 30 days of unlimited LTE data pass.
  • For example, if you subscribe on 24 December 2018, you can enjoy unlimited LTE data pass till 24 January 2019. That’s a whole month of unlimited usage on your LTE data pass!

How can I purchase this add-on?

  • You can purchase this #BEBAS2NJOY add-on data pass promo via your mobile@unifi app.
  • Simply click on the “BUY NOW” tab and select the Christmas ar Special Promo add-on.
  • After you’ve confirmed your purchase you will be able to enjoy your unlimited LTE data pass!




Is there a limit to the number of add-on purchases I can make under this promo?

Each customer is allowed to make a ONE time purchase only throughout the promotion period. So hurry, don’t waste the opportunity!


Can I purchase the Christmas Special Promo add-on even though I still have existing add-ons in my account?

  • If you have an existing non-expiry #KREDITTAKMATI add-on, you can buy this #BEBAS2NJOY add-on on top of your existing data add-on balance as long as it’s not a #BEBAS2NJOY unlimited add on.
  • However, if you are currently subscribing to any #BEBAS2NJOY unlimited add-on, you cannot subscribe to this promo as only one active unlimited add-on is allowed at one point of time.
  • You can always subscribe to this promo once your current unlimited add-on has expired, provided it is still within promotion period.


What is the difference between #KREDITTAKMATI non-expiry data pass and #BEBAS2NJOY unlimited data pass?

  • #KREDITTAKMATI data pass is a non-expiry data pass whereby #BEBAS2NJOY data pass offers unlimited data pass for limited time.
  • The passes are valued in the schedule below:
Non-expiry data pass (#KREDITTAKMATI) Unlimited data pass (#BEBAS2NJOY)
1GB Basic Data 2 hours Unlimited LTE pass
2GB High Speed Internet Daily Unlimited LTE pass
4GB High Speed Internet Weekly Unlimited pass
8GB High Speed Internet Christmas Special Promo


What happens if I purchase the Christmas Special Promo on the last day of the promotion period (at 11.00 pm on 2 January 2019). Will I be able to enjoy my data for 30 days?

  • Of course you can! You’ll still be able to enjoy your add-on purchase until 11.59 pm on 2 January 2019.
  • The usage time band for this add-on is based on 30 days and follows a 24-hour time frame.


How do I check the validity of my LTE data pass?

You’re able to check your LTE data pass from the Dashboard or the History tab-Add-Ons. Here’s how you can do it:





History tab-Add-Ons:










If I have an existing data add-on together with the add-on for this promo, which will be utilised first?

Your data pass utilisation will be based on below priority usage

i. Unlimited LTE data pass

ii. Freebie data pass

iii. LTE only data pass

iv. 3G/LTE data pass

v. Basic data


Can I use the LTE data pass for all types of browsing?

  • Yes. The purchased data pass is applicable for all internet usages.
  • Just be sure that you’re within our 4G/LTE coverage area.


What will happen to my data when I’m in non LTE/4G areas?

  • As the special pass is only available for LTE/4G areas, customer is unable to continue browsing data unless he has a 3G data quota which is available when he subscribes to a non-expiry pass.


Will I be able to share (hotspot/tether) my unlimited LTE data with my friends?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your LTE data pass at no charge.


Who should I contact if I need any assistance or service inquiry?

Easy, feel free to reach out to us via TM’s digital channels such as:

  • Live Chat with us via unifi self-help portal at or mobile@unifi app
  • Facebook at
  • Twitter at @helpmeunifi.

You can also visit any of the TMpoint outlets nationwide for further assistance.