unifi Rewards Stamp Station


unifi Rewards Stamp Station

Hi guys!


Ready for some fun? Yeah but first please update your myunifi app or open your unifi portal with your browser.




Introducing, unifi Rewards Stamp Station! This is the fun way to spend your rewards points and also win some cool vouchers along the road (literally).


You can find this cool page on your Rewards section (myunifi app and unifi portal self-care).


So how to play?


Easy, you need to complete a task which is so simple to collect a stamp.




You will get them immediately except of course for the bill payment, which will took 24hrs to reflect.


So yeah that is the essentials that you need to know. Want to know more? No worries, i will put the FAQ link below. Make sure to read the T&C as well while you are there.


FAQ for unifi Rewards Stamp Station

T&C for unifi Rewards Stamp Station

Contributing Citizen ✪✪

Re: unifi Rewards Stamp Station

hi. what happen to Stamp Station Promotion Period: 7 February 2022 - 17 February 2022??? from morning till now  my check in doesnt show any stamp Smiley MadUntitled.jpg

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Re: unifi Rewards Stamp Station

28 mar 2022


i think the stamp station has been only working sporadically for first quarter of year 2022.


usually, the mission can't be completed? because of various reasons like system maintenance at all hours. at times when login is successful, the logins are not captured.


maintenance seems to occur day time and night time.


hope, the system gets more stable.


it's fun but heart breaking at the same time if the effort to login is wasted.


thank you.


Date PerformedAction
18-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
19-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
20-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
21-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
22-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
23-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
25-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
27-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards
27-03-2022Login to unifi Rewards