unifi Your World - Mobile 99 Promotion


unifi Your World - Mobile 99 Promotion

Hi there guys!


As you all know that the RM99 for RM59 has ended last August 2020 Smiley Sad

Read here -->Extension of unifi Mobile 99 for RM59! 


It's a shame, and we know that. That is why now you can get another chance to grab RM59 unlimited quota, SMS and call again!


Even better, NO contract!


Introducing, unifi Your World Mobile 99 Campaign!


Product_Page_um99 promo_2880x1100_Desktop-.jpg


So how can i get this promotional price?


First, you need to be an existing or new subscribers of unifi Home package. It does not matter what package, unifi fiber or streamyx, even unifi Air.


Second, that unifi Home package must be registered under the same name and IC. This is a must.


You can register for this offers at any TMpoint, online via myunifi app or unifi.com.my, TAD and also Resellers.


What else do i need to know?


  1. There will be a separate bill aside from your unifi home bill.
  2. There will be no contract.
  3. One IC can register up to 5 numbers.
  4. There will be a prorated charge (you can refer details below).
  5. Upfront payment charges RM100 will be waived.
  6. Once you terminated your unifi Home, the price will be reverted back to RM79.

Thats all you need to know. And to avoid the future problems regarding pro rated charge, you can refer the table below.



Ali is a unifi Home subscriber and he subscribed this unifi Mobile package on 15th August 2020 and received the first bill on 1st September 2020.



*Pro-rated will be based on RM79 per month price


  1. The unifi Mobile 99 Promo will be reflected by the plan name "unifi Mobile 79 unlimited" in your mobile bill.
  2. In your first unifi Mobile bill,any pro-rated usage will be based on RM79 price.
  3. Once unifi Home and unifi Mobile services are both activated, you will enjoy the RM59 per month price in the following month onwards.


Re: unifi Your World - Mobile 99 Promotion

Hi guys,


Just to update a sample bill for this promo ya. It may look like this.


Sample Bill UM99 Promo.png