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unifi Your World with Smart Device


unifi Your World with Smart Device

Hi guys!


Fancy a new smart device? A brand new LED TV maybe? or a laptop or smartphone for PdPR? No worries, unifi got something for you.


Introducing #unifiYourWorld with Smart Device!



And since this is a EPP (Easy Payment Plan) offered from unifi you can save up to RM1000!


New customer and existing one also can join. For existing customer you will have to upgrade your speed to enjoy this promo.


This plan will be separate by TWO categories, one for Home and another one for mobile. For home, you can pick from TV or Laptop.


What is the package price?

unifi Your World with Home smart device.


You can subscribe to #unifiYourWorld with home smart device at apromotional price(exclusive of 6% ST)



But, if you signed up with the converged plan (plus unifi Mobile), you will get an additional discount as below



*This is the price of the device only, not the whole plan. For full price with broadband plan, please click here


unifi Your World with Mobile smart device


For unifi Mobile, there are several prerequisite for you guys to enjoy the promo. The most important one is you will need to be unifi Home customer first.




And if you are an existing mobile postpaid customer, you can upgrade your package into this one provided that you have been subscribing to unifi Home Broadband for at least six (6) months. 


The smartdevice that you can choose is either Vivo y12s or Samsung A02. It is almost identical specs so you dont have to be worry.


That is all that you need to know. If you want to know more, you can always visit this microsite and register for interest!


Click here for Terms and condition.

Click here for campaign FAQ


See you guys!



New-in-Town ✪

Re: unifi Your World with Smart Device

Hai saya nak bertanya. Saya pelanggan 30mbps. Masih ada kontak. Kalau saya nak upgrade dan tambah televisyen bagaimana caranya?

Dan berapa jumlah bayarannya sebulan?


Re: unifi Your World with Smart Device

Hai @Abdul_Muiez83 ,


Mengikut artikel ini, anda harus upgrade ke sekurangnya pakej 100Mbps (RM129) dan harga device pula adalah RM99 sebulan dan menjadikan anggaran kasar adalah RM228 untuk 2 tahun. Bila sudah tamat 2 tahun pakej anda akan terus menjadi RM129 sahaja.

Contributing Citizen ✪✪

Re: unifi Your World with Smart Device

Im a bit confused. 

How much do i ve to pay for additional if i m an existing mobile+ home 

Distinguished Citizen ✪✪

Re: unifi Your World with Smart Device

for example , the price show upper , if you only unifi@home 10mbps plan , you need pay addition RM99/month to get TV/NB , if you have mobile , the price refers to 2nd price list , there will be RM89/month .

so there will be RM129(100mbps)+RM(mobile)+RM89 (device)

Contributing Citizen ✪

Re: unifi Your World with Smart Device

i have  not received my Smart Device.. my 2nd billing also is out.

where & who can i refer to about this because i didnt get any help thru email or 100.

thank u