unifiBot - Smarter Every Day!


unifiBot - Smarter Every Day!

Hey guys!


Did you know that unifiBot can do so much right now? Yes its evolving and more capable to help you, from checking your bills to edit your billing address.


Today i will share with you guys some of the advanced features which can be tested with unifiBot right now.


OK let say you wanted to check your bills. Easy, you can type "I want to check my unifi bill statement" and select one of the suggestion below.


Then you will be asked to login (simple) and voila, your bills!


outstanding bill.JPG


You also can view your payment history as well.


payment history.JPG


What else? Oh you can check your unifi Rewards points easily!




Want to change your billing email? Use unifiBot lah.

Follow this for detailed steps-->How to update e-bill email address via chatbot 


change email.JPG


you see, lots of your enquiry can be solved via unifiBot. It saves time and not to hard to use, right?


The trick when using unifiBot is to know what you are asking for and use the keywords. There are suggestions to help you navigate through and if you can master it then it will be easier!


For mobile user, you can check the status of delivery and MNP status, which will redirected you to the app (prepaid) and self-care (postpaid).


Come on and start exploring, im sure you will get it by no time.


Use this link ya -->https://chatbot.unifi.com.my


See you guys!

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