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What I need to do after TM has successfully upgraded my speed/package?

 Step 1: You are required to turn off your wireless router for 10 minutes to allow new configuration to take place before you can enjoy your new speed


Step 2: Once done, you can start testing your unifi speed at this link


Step 3: Click the ‘Begin Test’ button on the front page and wait for the test to complete


Step 4: The test will show the result of your current upload and download speeds



  1. Before you perform the speed test, please stop any ongoing downloading activities and shut down any programmes that may be utilising your connection i.e P2P, streaming, etc
  2. Speed test can be done over wireless however, for accurate results, it is recommended that the test to be done over wired connection by using LAN cable provided during your unifi installation
  3. Simply plug the LAN cable from your computer to your wireless router LAN port LAN1 to LAN3 (any of them)