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What can I do to improve the speed via wireless connectivity?

We recommend customers to practice these tips in order to improve the speed via wireless  connectivity:


1.  HEAT - Place your wireless router away from hot areas as heat will affect the router performance and browsing experience. 

a.    Wireless router should be placed in an open area to allow heat ventilation.

b.    Place the broadband equipment next to each other instead of stacking it up to reduce the risk of overheating.


2.  DISTANCE – Wireless router has distance limitations when it comes to signal range. As distance increases, the signal becomes weaker.

a.    Consider placing your Wireless router in an area where you would frequently do your browsing activities


3.  OBSTRUCTION – WiFi signal efficiency will decrease when it passes through physical obstruction e.g: thick walls, metals and solid objects. 

a.    Consider placing your Wireless router in an open area to maximise signal reception

b.    Avoid placing your router in a closed cabinet, secluded room or under the stairs. 


4. ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE – Signal waves generated by home appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors can interfere with your WiFi connectivity.

a.    Place your Wireless router away from the home appliances

b.    Avoid sharing the power socket that is connected with the home appliances.


5. WIFI SECURITY PASSWORD – A user may hack into your WiFi security password to get free connectivity. The more users connected to your Internet, the more bandwidth will be consumed; thus affecting your browsing experience.

a.    Consider setting a unique and strong WiFi security password.

b.    Consider changing your WiFi security password from time to time.