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What can I do to improve the speed via wireless connectivity?

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Wi-Fi Problems?


What causes weak Wi-fi signals? Here are some possibilities:


1. The number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi vs the subscribed internet package.

Some users may not realize that, Wi-Fi, if connected to many devices at once, will cause slow connection. For example, if the user is subscribing to a 50mbps package or lower, and connected to more than 5 devices (mobile phones, laptops, etc.) at once, the user may experience slower connection speed due to congestion.


2. Web content consumed or applications used.

Higher quality content or data-consuming applications may affect your connection speed. For example:

  • Watching higher quality or 4k videos
  • Playing games that require high bandwidth
  • Online meetings and online learning activities


3. Location of Wi-Fi devices

The location of your Wi-Fi router is also important for your connection speed. Avoid enclosed spaces as Wi-Fi connection will be slower if there are multiple obstacles between the user and the router, such as walls and closed doors.


4. Different frequency channels on your Wi-Fi devices.

Do you know that your Wi-Fi router usually offers 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency channels?  These channels differ by their coverage area and connection speed. 2.4Ghz will offer wider coverage at the expense of less speed, while 5Ghz will cover smaller areas but will give a faster Wi-Fi connection. You can switch to any of these channels anytime based on your needs.


5. Type of appliances and furnitures around your Wi-Fi router.

Furniture or appliances with shiny surfaces which emits electromagnetic signals (for example: microwave ovens) that are in close proximity of your router will affect Wi-Fi signals


All of the above-mentioned points will affect the Wi-Fi connection signals at home. One way to increase Wi-Fi speed especially to devices that are not within the router’s proximity (such as rooms on the upper floor of your house), is to use mesh Wi-Fi, which will improve the Wi-Fi connection in unreachable signal areas in your premise.