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Have every inch of Malaysia have at least 100mbps Internet and above

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Have every inch of Malaysia have at least 100mbps Internet and above

It has been a problem for years if not almost a decade already, been waiting for at least 100mbps Internet my area for years 

Asking so many staffs what's the hold up, and I hear are BS excuses from TM, 'government cancel project', 'no budget', 'doing collaboration with other telco', 

NO BUDGET MY ARSE, thousands if not few millions are using your bloody services for god knows how long with monthly subscription plans and that's generating how much money for TM and STILL cannot provide better products with the most starty services ever than from 2010

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sad but true, i also have wait for 10 years already, i still remember my friend got unifi in his area and even had luxury to change to maxis fibre afterward. To rub salt to injury, it's only next to my area, not even 1km away. 

They claimed it too much works. Doesn't seem so, that area got hooked up easily.

No money. haha right, after years of profitting high payment low speed streamyx, they didn't even bother to upgrade to 8 or 10mb.


gov cancel project. Just vote them out, they prioritise something else rather than rakyat welfare.

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1km from my area got full  UNIFI coverage, mine UNIFI light(rebranding from TM streamyx), its like dial up in this era.I been fighting for this service for the past 5 years.I even offered to pay eventhough this is their job.They also asked me do a survey and  get everybody in my area to apply for the service.Did you asked any customers who currently enjoy this unifi Fiberoptic do a survey on your behalf???What stop you doing a right thing ,TM??  Do you want me to ask any minister to move to my area so that i can enjoy same service and product.I did file an official complaint by email and phone for past 5 years without fail but it go down the drain .How come TM has preferences on deciding who and where can received the service.Come  on TM this is 2020,everyone in this country deserved same level of service.


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