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Installation unifi at village

Installation unifi at village

Hi, I suggest the installation of unifi i located in rural areas, this is because the internet at this time has become a necessity. Many workers stay in rural areas. Therefore, the internet network is very important. With this CMCO problem, many employees have to work at home, so the internet network is very limited, there are some areas that have no network at all including my home area, many want to ask the unifi to install an internet network in my home area. So I would like to propose this problem and hope unifi can help.

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Naik pokok ambik video dan viral bosku.. hehehe


Amboi2 @sbslash semua nak viral ke...he..he..he

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Its not in rural area only, they would like to have a certain number of subscribers to install fiber in that area. But in sub-urban area for new developement project they also need the survey is stupid. should auto install whenever residence ask so that they dont have to look for alternative product and after we comfortable with alternate product a few years later unifi come with promotion. Its take times to terminate and install back and not to mention a few days of internat disruption during the process.

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