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Poor unifi coverage

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Poor unifi coverage

Service is not restore it is the same as not able log on line stars news according to your technical personnel the modem n gadgets is very old n lagging, it's been 7 years since l subscribe to unifi in 2013. I appreciate n satisfied with your unifi service when it was 10 meg. without any issues but the problem start when you upgraded me to 30 meg(without upgrading those gadgets, modem + etc ) with issue like can't even read online news it keeps loading in vain and this is very frustrating. l have been so faithful to Telekom since 2013 using unifi. And hopefully you can do something about this issue before l consider of switch to other providers.
Thanks n regards,
Lim Kai Ming.

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Contributing Citizen ✪

are the web you accessing like facebook;youtube can be access fast?

if so,probally the web host(web that you try for visit) having isues for their 'trafic' for web users at their web host setting.

Not tmnet or unifi.