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How do I cancel my Auto Pay registration?

 Aww... It's sad to see you wish to cancel the service. If you still decided to do so, please follow these simple steps:


STEP 1 : Log-in to Self-Care at

STEP 2 : Click on Self-Care 'Profile' tab and scroll down to 'Auto-Pay' box
STEP 3 : Select "UPDATE" and system will direct to Payment Gateway Portal
STEP 4 : To cancel Auto-Pay, select "Unbind Credit Card" and click "Submit"
STEP 5 : Unbind credit card page will be appeared, key-in the credit card number to be cancelled (cancellation would be processed in real time)
STEP 6 : Payment page will show Auto-Pay has been cancel and system will show Auto-Pay is successful


You will receive a notification via SMS or Email once this is successful.