I don't have a Credit Card, only Debit Card, do you accept it for Auto Pay?


Definitely, you can sign up to unifi Auto Pay using your Malaysian issued Debit Card as long as it bears the Visa or MasterCard on the card. Just be sure that you have enabled Internet Banking with your Debit Card issuance bank; as some banks require that you enabled this feature to be able to perform Internet purchase / transaction.


Oh, one more thing, be sure to have enough daily Credit Limit set for Online Purchase, as even though you may have sufficient cash in your Debit Card, it may still get rejected if the Credit Limit set is lower than the amount we charge. Just in case (hopefully it doesn't happen) your card is rejected during the Auto Pay registration, please do give a call to your bank to find out the reason, unfortunately we can't help on this as the bank don't share with us the reason a card is rejected.