How do I subscribe to premium channel via EPG?

To subscribe premium channel you may follow these step:


1. As you browse through the channels, you will come across that a Premium Channel that you have not subscribed to.


2. You have the options to:

i.         Press OK to view a 30 sec preview of the channel. (You are only allowed to preview a channel, 3 times a day)

ii.       Press UP or DOWN navigation button to go to the Next or Previous channels.


3. If you do not press any button within 5 seconds, the preview for the channel will play automatically.


4. After the preview end, a message will appear to ask if you would like to purchase the channel.


 5. If you do not wish to subscribe to the channel, you can press the UP or DOWN navigation button to go to the Next or Previous channels.


6. If you press OK, you will be shown the pricing plan page for the selected channel


7. Once you are satisfied and would like to purchase the channel, please proceed to press Ok where you will be asked to key in your PIN. 


8.  You can then press “Confirm” to complete your purchase.


9. With this your purchase is successful and you can immediately watch the new channel you have purchased.


10. However, if you have entered an invalid PIN, a message box to inform you that the PIN is wrong. You are allowed a maximum of 5 times to key in your PIN number. After the 5th try your PIN will be blocked. This is to ensure security for your purchases.


11. You will then need to wait 2 hours for the PIN to be unblocked.