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Can I switch to the new unifi mobile #BEBAS from other mobile operators using my existing number?

Yes, you can but after 30 days of the port-out cooling off period. You also need to fulfill the below requirements as well:

1. Terminated, blacklisted, barred and suspended numbers cannot be switched to the unifi mobile #BEBAS.
2. All the supplementary lines in the Principal Account (principal and supplementary lines) need to be switched over to unifi mobile plan, unless your supplementary line(s) become the Principal line at the existing mobile operator.
3. Your number is not in a contract with existing mobile operator.
4. If you are switching in for more than one (1) number, each line must be registered in separate order.
5. You shall ensure that the usage of your existing service does not exceed the credit limit set by your existing mobile operator.

For existing prepaid user, any remaining credit in your prepaid mobile number will be forfeited by your existing mobile operator upon successful activation of your new unifi mobile #BEBAS.