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What are the key offerings of unifi TV?

 There are many new offerings that unifi TV brings to you. 


· unifi TV provides you with a new TV experience where you can now do more with your TV!


· Be in control of your TV – You only need to pay for the Broadcast LIVE TV channels and On Demand Services that you want to watch. 


. Be the first to watch, 24 hours from US release – Some of our series are made available to you on unifi TV within 24 hours from when it is first shown in the US. Just subscribe to the package to enjoy this.


 . No more fixed schedule, watch TV when you want – For On Demand Services, you can choose what you want to watch at your convenient time. 


. Make your TV a family experience – On Demand Services allow you to plan your viewing time together with all your family members.


. Enjoy your TV, even when it rains. No more disruptions – You can watch TV anytime even in bad weather. 


.  Interactive application - We bring you Internet interactivity to the TV such as Flight Information, Waktu Solat, Historical Facts and also various talks by renowned local and overseass speakers in, Cinema Movie Trailers, The Making Of, and iCookAsia.