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unifi Mobile Travel Sim

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You can refer to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department website at for further clarification with regards to the SST implementation for telecommunication services.
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The 6% Service Tax (ST) will only be applicable for non-Malaysians, where the reload value will be reduced upon activation.   For non-Malaysian, when you reload RM50, you will see RM47.17 reflected in your account balance. Below is the example :   Non-Malaysians (Foreigner) Reload Amount (RM) ST Amount (RM) Reload Amount after ST (RM)     RM10 RM0.57 RM9.43   RM30 RM1.70 RM28.30   RM50 RM2.83 RM47.17   RM100 RM5.66 RM94.34  
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In accordance with the implementation of the Service Tax Act 2018, 6% Service Tax (ST) will be charged for all taxable products and services, replacing Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Malaysia.
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