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HyppTV STB cannot get the IP address

New-in-Town ✪✪

HyppTV STB cannot get the IP address

Hello guys, 

I need some advice on why the white HyppTV STB suddenly cannot get the IP address. Other devices have no issues to connect to the internet. Attached are some screenshots on the STB network tests ( . 

The WIFI is ON and LAN is connected to port 4 on the D-LINK (Model Name: DIR-842) router. I tried an old STB from Streamyx days and it can get the IP but had issues on configuring the username/password. TM says need to rebind so cannot use the old STB. I have restarted all devices. TM want to charge Rm53 for sending someone over.

Anything I can do for this STB to get the IP address ? Thank you.


Re: HyppTV STB cannot get the IP address

If the reboot doesnt fix this then it might be something else.


maybe @qusyairi-ramli can give his insight on this?