Guide for your 1st unifi Mobile bill


Guide for your 1st unifi Mobile bill

Hello everyone!


Are you a new unifi mobile subscriber? Still don't know about your bill detail? I have an answer for that.


                                                                               Check your bills anytime, anywhere!





Your first bill may be higher than expected?

Don't worry guys! If your bill amount is different than expected, it may be due to prorated charge for newly subscribed service and a one-month advance monthly subscription fee. Please refer to this post >> How to read my first unifi Mobile bill? 


Not sure how to pay bills?

Login to your unifi Mobile account and sign up for Autopay. With unifi Mobile you can enjoy the freedom to settle bills anytime, anywhere!


Still need more information on how to pay your bills? You can refer here >> Where can I pay my unifi Mobile bills? 








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