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How to check your phone compatibility?


How to check your phone compatibility?

Hey guys.


Lots of you are asking me, how to check your phone compatibility for unifi mobile.


No worries, lets recap.


Well for starter, you phone must support LTE Band 5 (850Mhz). That is a must. If you dont own such phone, then you will not be able to experience a full capabilities of unifi mobile.


So how to check those numbers?


Easy, unifi Mobile team already compiled a ton of phone type from various manufacturers, you can check it out below,


unifi Mobile phone compatibility 


However, there are some disclaimer that i should pointed out.

  • This list will be updated from time to time.
  • There will be other phone type which are supported, but not in this list due to limited information. You can always double check your specs online.

So there you have it guys. Feel free to ask ya.


Re: How to check your phone compatibility?

For example, IF you want to check your new Apple iPhone 11 Pro, you could just find the Manufacture>Apple and select your model>iPhone 11 Pro.




It looks like your iPhone does support LTE and LTE+ BUT doesnt support the VoLTE yet.


Its just like that.