How to download myunifi app for Huawei user


How to download myunifi app for Huawei user

Hi there,


myunifi app is a must have app for unifi customers. You can access your unifi account with myunifi app anytime anywhere.




So how to download the app? It is very easy, you can find it at your preffered  application store. If you are using iphone, then you can find it on your Apple App Store. Android user can find it at Google Play Store.


What about Huawei user? It is still an android right?


Yes, that is right, but there is an exception for non-GMS (Google Mobile Services) phone. Non-GMS Huawei phone will not have Google Play Store and any other Google based application (Youtube, Google Maps, Google Photos, etc).


So if you are one of that Huawei user then please use your Huawei App Gallery. The experience is the same all accross any platform so dont worry .


Spread the word guys.