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How to improve your unifi turbo experience :)

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How to improve your unifi turbo experience :)

Hi guys. Since lot of you still wondering why your "turbo" plan not as fast as advertised, i want to share with you some tips that will help you.


i get this mostly from TM website, so feel free to add if im missing anyting.


For you to fully enjoy the new speed, you will need to be on a wired connection. Here are some tips to find out how you can enjoy your new speed.

1. Try turning off your WiFi router, wait for 10 minutes and turn it on again. This will allow the new configuration to take place before you can enjoy your new speed.

2. Connect the Ethernet cable (must be of version Cat5e and above) or commonly known as LAN cable from WiFi router to your computer. Remember to disconnect all other devices on wired or wireless connection.

3. Have a check on your PC/laptop’s Ethernet card as well. You will get to enjoy the optimum speed when your PC/laptop is using a Gigabit Ethernet card.

4. Once done, log in to a speed test website at use your PC/laptop to perform a speed test. During the test, make sure you close all applications that may be using your internet connection to ensure you get the most accurate result. Your speed result attained should be in-line with your newly upgraded speed.

5. With a wired connection, you can typically get 90% of the subscribed speed.

For more information, you may visit our website


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Re: How to improve your unifi turbo experience :)

fantastic!! This is just perfect and helpful for me to find out my actual speed. Thanks a lot, buddy!
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Re: How to improve your unifi turbo experience :)

thank for your info bro. thumbs up!