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How to participate in unifi Community survey


How to participate in unifi Community survey

Hi there guys,


Today i will share with you guys on how to respond or to answer our community survey. Some of you might be familiar with this survey, and some of you might not.


This pop up survey usually will appear when you idle for a while in community. It also comes when you open a couple of tabs on your browser.


The survey will look like this,




Before you agree to take part with this survey, you will have to understand that this survey is for your experience and feedback for unifi Community only.


If you are having a bad experience with other channels or you are upset with your port problem, please do not include that in the survey. Why? Because like i said earlier, this survey is for unifi Community feedback and experience only.


So what will happened if you participate? I will share with you the questions so you will have a good look on the contents.


Question 1 : What was the purpose of your visit to the unifi Community?


Question 2 : Were you able to find what you were looking for?


Question 3 : If your visit had not been successful, what would you have done next?


Question 4 : As a result of your visit to the community, do you intent to purchase a product from unifi?


Question 5: Based on your experience in the community, how likely are you to recommend unifi to a friend ot colleague?


Question 6: What was the reason for your rating?



That is all guys. You just have to spend like a minute to reply all the questions. It is very straightforward and easy to answer.


Whenever you are ready, the survey will waiting for you Smiley Happy